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How were payments made?

Payments were made using ACH deposit via Once a tenant’s application was approved, the landlord was asked to provide bank routing information to to complete the payment process. Landlords were encouraged to be prepared to provide this information immediately following receipt of an email from If bank routing information was not provided, then a check was mailed to the landlord’s address.

Do I have the ability to request additional assistance following my most recent application if needed?

As of April 18th, 2023, the temporary COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Alabama (ERA Alabama) Program has distributed all available funding provided by the U.S.  Department of the Treasury. ERA Alabama is now permanently closed for funding and is no longer accepting or processing new applications, additional funds request applications, Imminent Eviction applications, reinstatement requests, appeal requests, or any additional documentation to complete an application.

Can I still log into my previous application(s)?

You will still be able to view your previously submitted application(s) through the online dashboard.

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